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I work for my husband company as Sales Executive and last week I brought to the CEO of the company needs a major contract whos had cited. Had been introduced by Mark prieviosly Sally, the girl that I had to do. She called to tell me that Mark wanted to discuss the deal with sexinfo101 me before. I was determined to close the deal and decided to dress to impress, navy blue business suit, cream blouse and navy healthy. Under what he was wearing a cream lace bra and matching thong and lace stockings garters with such a high set. I entered the office and large office market is shown by his secretary, who was sitting behind his desk and rose to great me when I entered. That was before our sexinfo101 brief encounter, as he was handsome, forgoten about 6 ' slim and in his 30 years of age, I am in my 40 years of age. we have up on the subtleties of my offer and I realized that in my legs as we talked. Many no longer want the opportunity to take over th lossand decided that I try most of their interest and crossed and uncrossed my legs a few times to make my entrance rock enough to make my upper half of the show. I again had all his attention, as he adjusted his seat to get a better view, as I slowly crossed my legs, not open enough to see him up in the tops of my stocking. He stopped sexinfo101 and called his secretary to say he does not want sexinfo101 to be interrupted, since sticking point agreement. He rose from his chair and came to me told me he was very happy with my sales technique impressed and would like to show him some more. I was by the large lump in his pants that he was impressed to see. I licked my lips sexy and had my hand on her big lump, while to say sexinfo101 he was determined to close the deal. I stood up and pulled the jacket as he approached me and rubbed his hands on the thighs of my top half. intertwinned Our languages ​​, as he kissed me, his hand began apUlled wet my panties aside now so that I could access my shaved pussy, rubbing my clit before forcing two fingers for me. I spread my skirt back up, as he frantically grabbed sexinfo101 my fingers and licked my nipples now exposed. I took my dismissal as a cock from his pants, which was great, a nice thick 8 ', and began to masturbate while he was fucking my pussy continued, now with three fingers of God, which was fine and soon I was .. my first orgasm, everything comes out and the carpet of his office. We split a time when I took off the skirt, shirt, bra and thong and shirt and pants, not wearing underwear. Then I went to my knees and took his cock in my mouth, sucked and licked for Scotland. was so great that I did when I deep throat gagged sharply up and down his big hard shaft. Mark then I stopped and turned sexinfo101 around and bent over his desk, before forcing his cock into my pussy. was really excited me, as he hit me, I knew I was going back andI asked him to fuck me more. He forced me to walk very hard until I came all over his cock. He slapped me, so I lay on my back on the table, while continuing to fuck me sexinfo101 senseless. I was so in the sight of his huge big cock pounding my pussy, I became, as he groaned and emptied his load inside me again. Needless to say, who signed the agreement, if we cleaned up and said he hoped to meet me in the future. When I returned to the office, my husband asked me if I wanted to make the mark. Yes, I said that we have the contract..... If I knew that I had driven to get the business ! I'm using my business skills to get more.....
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